Raised through magic and mysticism in late 2001 by guitarist/vocalist Mors Al Ra while soon becoming famous for delivering some of the most dark yet epic Death Metal ever.

With their first full length album released in 2007 named TRIUNE IMPURITY RITES, the band gained a worldwide following without leaving behind the atmosphere of the demos – two of which had legendary status already.

In 2011 NECROS CHRISTOS released its second full length album DOOM OF THE OCCULT through german labels Sepulchral Voice and Ván Records. The album featured nine songs alongside numerous acoustic interludes for which the band became infamously known for since its creation a decade earlier. A sonic mass, constructed like a classical oratorio, equally unique and disturbing. Supreme live performances were held since 2005, testifying the band`s status of being one of the darkest yet most heavy Death Metal acts of today`s scene.


The current line up is formed by:

  • Ivan Hernandez Drums & Percussion
  • Peter HaburaBass Guitar
  • The Reverend NLead & Rhythm Guitars
  • Mors Al RaLead & Rhythm Guitars, Vocals


NECROS CHRISTOS ` third and final magnum opus, entitled DOMEDON DOXOMEDON was released through Sepulchral Voice Records on the 18th of May 2018. Being a triple album and operating totally against the modern zeitgeist of music, it shows the band from their most epic yet angry side ever.

Be aware for the time is at hand. Endtyme Death Metal ascends.