Three Altars Burning

Dear all!

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone, who took part in our Three Altars Burning Tour 2019. It was a stellar experience with insane shows and we thank you all for showing up and filling our minds with absolute unique memories.The support we received from the crowds was beyond example and we seriously did our best every night to let the fires burn.

We also would wholeheartedly like to thank our brothers in Venenum and Ascension for the incredible time we had on the road. Guys, your help, your friendship and your music is beyond words and it means much more to us, than words can describe.

Special acknowledgments go out to Arne (the man!), Maria (merch queen!), Thomas (the sound wizard!) and Steve of Doom Order Booking for letting every date becoming so damn special and perfect.



Pic by: Ruben Verheul (@wishfuldoing)